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on either side the river lie by frogpuff on either side the river lie by frogpuff
Drapery is fun, and art > physics.

Color maybe someday, it was supposed to be not so unfinished, but then I got mad at drawing. I already see parts I forgot to erase because multiple layers confuse me, but otherwise, crit would also be fun if you want.

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fox1772 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2006
wow this is so aaawesome. personally i love the unfinished look, and this is so wonderfully detailed. fantastic.
Turtlepuff Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2006
when i saw the thumbnail of this i thought ooo what a pretty girl, but upon closer inspection aka. the zoom button i um saw that i was wrong *cough cough* anyways line art is lovely and i love the border designs =) so intricate it makes me want to touch it hehe. color it!
linteli Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2006
Reminds me a lot of Alfonse Mucha's work, it's beautiful. You've done the water so well [I can't draw water that looks like water x3] and I also like the ornamental thing on the right. The only thing I could crit on, and I'm not even sure if my eyes lie or not, is that her right leg seems to be a little shorter than the left one. But ain't sure and otherwise the proportions here are really nice. I think you should colour this, the feathery things on the head would look awesome. (:
iduck Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I love you and your drapery skills :heart: The anatomy is very well done too, especially in the torso and legs, did you use a reference for that at all?

Only problem I see is in the neck/hand/jaw area. Something about that place just doesn't look right, though I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps if/when you color it, it will look better :) I also dig the border, it is very interesting
frogpuff Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006   Digital Artist
Oh man, I am so prompt at getting back to people. Sorry ._.''

Yes, I draw with twenty reference photos open in photoshop, and anatomy books and a full length mirror next to the computer. But hopefully, a seminar I'm taking now with help with being able to draw from my head more.

Thanks, but actually coloring is making it look worse. I'm really going to have to figure out exactly what's going on and how to fix it T_T
iduck Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I figured out what was wrong! The hand is a weird angle, causing the head/neck to look weirdly shaped. I kind of butchered your artwork and drew what I mean ^^;


I also showed a new position for the back ear, since it looked like the angle of the head wasn't matching up with the angle of the ears. I hope that helps :aww:
jezzebelle27 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
Lovely!!!You did such a beautiful job on this!!Will there be a colored version?
xuaeved Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
Pretty!!!! I like it alot.. and I love how much you use drapery! The one thing that's bothering me a little bit is the curve of the eye in relation to the angle of the head. I think its the opposite curve needed here.. I think.
I think it would look good in color, but with more muted tones. I like it nonetheless!
happyloveygirl Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
SOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!! :worship:
sackermanmo Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006  Professional Writer
I like this just the way it is, unfinished and without color. It adds a nice touch of elegance to the piece.
JingRagamuffin Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
my gawd that's pretty! o_O
pinaypenciler Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006  Student
i had a friend in high school that had hair that long. i find it hard keeping my hair neat with it just past my shoulders :O_o:

i think maybe the thigh on the leg that is bent is kinda long. or the calf part is too short... either way, something there isnt flowing very well.

the drapery is beautiful. i'm finding it very hard keeping a regular drawing schedule over the summer. :(
frogpuff Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006   Digital Artist
Geh, I hate having long hair >_< Even at the length mine is, it already bothers me.

Haha, okay that's painfully obvious after you said that and I'm really embarassed now. Thanks, I'll work on it!

(I have a terrible drawing schedule regardless-- there'll be times I fill up an entire sketchbook in a week, others I don't draw anything for a month D: I think that it's even worse to force it, though.)
pinaypenciler Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006  Student
dont be embarrased, my friend. i suck at drawing the figure still... and at least you're doing something!

didnt we have figure drawing together? i forget ^^;
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June 8, 2006
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